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We will predict your future net worth, help you make the right financial decisions and give you a financial plan that makes you wealthier. Enjoy our game-changing service, which is based on data science and AI.

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Simply link your accounts. We support more than 10,000 banks.
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Keep all your assets and liabilities in one list and utilize our analytics and suggestions.
Plan With Quarterly Reports And Free Advice
See how you're progressing with your plan, and get free robo-advice on how you could improve your financial situation.
Cancel Unwanted Subscriptions
Stop wasting your money on recurring payments you forgot about.
Develop A Savings Habit
Utilize our daily spending coach and get recommendations on how much you can safely spend every day and still achieve your monthly savings goal.
Save Up To 30% On Your Bills
See how you're progressing with your plan, and get free robo-advice on how you could improve your financial situation.


All you need to do is sign up to our app, which you can download from the App Store. Then you just need to connect your bank accounts, enter your assets and liabilities, and answer a couple of questions. On average, it takes about 5 minutes and you’ll know when you’ll become a millionaire.
It helps you improve your financial health by providing a turnkey approach to your finances.
Usefirst bridges the gap between the macro- and micromanagement of your personal finances, starting with day-to-day money and ending up with long-term financial planning
  • With Usefirst, financial planning is really affordable and even free.
  • Financial planning is based on data science including AI and is truly dynamic.
Actually, no, but sometimes yes. It depends on what kind of financial planning and advice you’re looking for, although we can do a lot of things that human financial advisors can’t do.We help you save money. When we see that you may benefit from a human financial advisor, we’ll propose this option. Basically, we work together with human financial advisors. We don’t compete with each other.If you work with a financial advisor, Usefirst is a complementary, handy solution for you. If you don’t have a financial advisor, Usefirst is a great tool to enjoy the service to a certain extent. If it’s not enough for you, we can help you find a trustworthy financial advisor that is best-suited to your needs.
Just a lot of mathematics, statistics, demographics, macroeconomics and behavioral economics. :) No guesses. We’ve analyzed almost 100 years of historical data and have determined a number of patterns and trends.
  1. When you connect your bank accounts, our app analyzes your transactions and financial behavior to determine how you can improve your financial health in the future.
  2. To predict your future income, we forecast a future inflation rate as well as a net gap-by-gender income change rate, a net income-by-age change rate and other indicators. That’s why we ask demographic questions.
  3. We determined how the market price of a certain asset type changes on average. The app also predicts how your assets-to-liabilities balance will change over time. It includes the financial and non-financial assets and liabilities you’ll probably have in the future.
  4. The algorithm predicts thousands of scenarios regarding how your future net worth will change. However, the app determines the three to five best-suited scenarios starting with a negative one and ending up with the best achievable one.
Our model also takes into account various risks, such as an unexpected financial crisis. Our app will help you be ready so you can successfully deal with any unfortunate occurrences.We aren’t fortune tellers. The scenarios don’t take into account the possibility that you’ll win a lottery, receive an inheritance or get a fantastic job promotion.Just keep in mind, our predictions are approximations. The model can sometimes be mistaken because it uses statistical data that’s averaged. We’re also pessimistic. In other words, you may be able to make your $1 million much earlier than predicted. You’re unique. :)
You’ll receive a financial planning status report once a quarter. The report tells you how close you are to achieving your dream, according to the plan, and provides you with personalized suggestions on improving it. The app also asks you to update your assets and liabilities if the information changes. As a result, you’ll get a clear picture of when your dream will come true, what you need to do to accelerate it, and when and how you can achieve your financial goals.
Conceptually, the app shows you what you can achieve by good money management. Then, it gives you a truly dynamic plan that interactively helps you pursue your big-picture goal as well as other financial goals. You don’t need to build a plan. Our app builds it for you. You just select it.Our app bridges the gap between day-to-day money management and long-term wealth management. We don’t just help you save now; we help you become wealthier in the long run.From a technical perspective, our financial planning is very sophisticated and completely based on data science. The algorithm predicts thousands of personalized scenarios regarding how your future net worth will change, taking into account your lifestyle, financial behavior and financial standing.
It’s more than just safe. We only have read-only access to your accounts through Plaid. This means we just see your transactions and can’t do anything with your money. All the data is encrypted.We do not rent, sell or trade your personal information.
Yes, it’s free, but a member subscription costs $8.30 - $14.99/mo. If you’re a member, you’ll enjoy our advanced features and subscription cancellation service as well as our advanced financial planning and advice.
Currently, it’s available only in the United States. We’re going to adapt our model to other regions and release the app in Canada and the European Economic Area in 2020
Our service pays for itself! Any savings we get, we split with you, making us extremely motivated to save you as much money as possible.Our standard rate for personal accounts is 50% of the first year’s savings, any savings after that goes right into your pocket!
We work on almost any recurring bills that you have! The bills we work on most regularly include cable, cell phone, internet, landlines, satellite television and radio, home security/alarm services, even newspaper subscriptions.There are several bills that we are not yet set up to work on yet, though we’re working to expand our negotiation services in the future!That means that unfortunately we cannot help with medical bills, insurance bills and claims, credit cards, mortgage and rent payments, debt services, legal fees, or car payments.